The Easter Bunny and the Lost Jellybeans

The Easter Bunny sneaks around,
in the dark of night,
to put the eggs behind your house,
hidden, out of sight.

But this Easter, he might not come.
He has a situation.
The jellybeans have run away–
which is quite the complication!

The Easter Bunny’s known for hopping,
but the jellybeans hop faster.
And if he cannot get them back
it will be such a disaster.

So since he couldn’t catch them,
he’s planned a little trick
in hopes that if it works,
he’ll get them back real quick.

He put out ads for jobs
in the local news:
“Come one! Come all ye jellybeans!
You’ve got nothing to lose!”

“This job is fun, has benefits,
and you’ll be well paid.
Don’t wait, come now! Jobs fill up fast.
You cannot be delayed!”

The Easter Bunny felt so clever.
He was sure he would succeed.
But he forgot something important–
jellybeans can’t read!

So now he’s reaching out to you–
you reader of words–
if you see them, send them back
before they’re eaten by the birds!

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