Marshmallow and Graham: Part 2

The fire died down, and the kids tucked themselves into their sleeping bags.  Marshmallow found her favorite stuffed animal.  Graham pulled on the zipper until he was cozy and snug.  Chocolate was missing.

“Where did Chocolate go?” asked Marshmallow.

“Maybe,” said Graham, “She got gobbled up by Big Chip!”

“Who is Big Chip?”

“I can’t believe you made fun of me for not knowing about The Dough, but you’ve never heard of Big Chip.”

Marshmallow rolled her eyes.  Graham didn’t notice.

“He’s a legendary sasquatch of a chocolate chip cookie, but he wasn’t always that big.  He was small for a baby—except for his feet.”

“He has feet?” Marshmallow said sounding surprised.

“Big ones.” said Graham. “His mom kept waiting for him to grow into his feet.  She waited for him to grow at all.  Finally, she came up with a plan.  She started adding chocolate chips to his cookie center in the hopes that more chips would make him bigger.  It worked.  But now he can’t stop. Now he has to add more chips to his body or he’ll crumble like a…”

“Like a cookie?” Marshmallow said, completely enthralled, and a little spooked.

“Exactly.  Big Chip stomps through the forest late at night looking for one thing—chocolate. He doesn’t stop until he finds it.”

Marshmallow gulped. “I bet he found our sister! I bet he grabbed her from the campsite! I bet he stuck her in his cookie arm pit, and she’ll have to stay there for all eternity!”

“Hey guys!” said Chocolate.

“AHHHHH!!!” screamed Marshmallow and Graham.

“AHHHHH!!!” screamed Chocolate.  “Why?! Why do you keep doing that? You scared the cocoa out of me!”

“Where did you go?” asked Graham.

“I had to find a bathroom—if you must know.” said Chocolate.

Graham giggled. “Maybe Big Chip will find some chocolate morsels after all.”