Ms. Campbell’s Shapes

Last week, I asked for your help with writing prompts. This one was given to me by a dear friend, a teacher named Ms. Campbell. Her kindergarten class was learning about shapes, and they gave each of their shapes a name.  I did my best to turn those names into a fun poem. Ms. Campbell–I hope that you, and your class, enjoy it!

Sammy is a circle.
She’s perfectly round.
She sees a lot of friends
as she rolls along the ground.

She spots Teeny Triangle.
He has three sides that are small.
Teeny invited Sammy
to a quick game of kickball.

She saw a six sided hexagon
playing the kickball game.
Harry the hexagon scored a point,
which made his team exclaim!

She rolled to her friend Octoman.
He was talking to a bird.
“I’m not your egg. I promise!
That would be absurd!”

She found T-Rex the trapezoid,
with his pair of parallel sides,
running on the playground
between the swings and slides.

Then Sammy saw a rectangle
climbing up so high.
It was her good friend Rainbow
pretending she could fly.

Saniya, with four equal sides,
really loves to share
She brought a snack for all her friends–
She’s a kind and thoughtful square!

Sammy sat down with her friends
and passed out Saniya’s grapes.
What a fun day on the playground
with some super special shapes!