Clara Cloud Finds a Rainbow

I think it’s important to start with Clara–a little cloud that made her way into our lives in January.

I was sitting on the floor with my daughter, Penny, trying to cheer her up. Penny loves stories, and I love to tell them. A perfect combination. I asked her for a simple prompt–a character, and a situation. Her response–a cloud looking for a rainbow. The original story did not rhyme. It also involved a candy mountain, because Penny loves to hear about lollipop-covered landscapes.

I don’t usually write our silly stories down on paper, but this particular day, I did. And then I wrote another. And it’s not hard to guess the rest. I hope you enjoy the story, and I hope it makes you smile. Penny did.

Clara Cloud Finds a Rainbow

Clara Cloud just joined the cloud scouts.
She’s having so much fun
collecting brand new patches.
She loves each and every one.

Today she’s so excited.
She hopes it all works out.
Today, finding a rainbow
is what her patch is all about.

She gives her mom a hug,
and blows right through the door.
She finds a gust of wind,
and with it starts to soar.

She flies for quite awhile.
Her hopes soon start to fizzle.
The sun is shining hot and bright,
and she begins to sizzle.

“I’m really hot,” dear Clara said,
“I think that I should hurry.”
She dabbed the sweat off of her fluff
and flew off in a flurry.

The air was getting cold,
and the sky was getting dark.
Clara heard the thunder rumble,
and she saw the lightning spark!

This was not a rainbow.
This was a huge rain storm!
She wished now for the sun–
she wished to be dry and warm.

She flew back the way she’d come–
on a mission to get dry.
She saw a sunbeam through the rain,
and she saw something in the sky.

There it was—so beautiful!
Just what she’d hoped to find.
A rainbow! So big and bright.
And a double—the best kind.

She flew back to her home,
and opened up her book
that holds her cloud scout patches,
and took a closer look.

Underneath the patch it read,
“If it’s a rainbow that you seek,
look for the light amidst the rain–
that’s where the arc will peak.”

She pulled the patch from her book,
and pinned it on her vest.
It made her feel so very proud,
because she tried her best.

I hope you enjoyed Clara Cloud.  You will see her again soon in a story written by my three-year-old son, Lincoln.  If you did enjoy it, let me know!  Comment below or find me on social media.

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6 thoughts on “Clara Cloud Finds a Rainbow

  1. Tiffany says:

    I love it…. especially
    Underneath the patch it read,
    “If it’s a rainbow that you seek,
    look for the light amidst the rain–
    that’s where the arc will peak.”


  2. Becca says:

    I’m so proud and bursting with excitement over this process! I’m so excited to get to read your material.

    ((Can I also be excited my kid is practically famous by association with a wee shout out?! ))


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